Thursday, January 27, 2022

The End

The End

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DEBUNKING DOOMSDAY LIES and other SILLY CHRISTIAN MISINFORMATION I'm starting a NEW series this coming Sunday....I will show you through the Word that FEAR is never the way or the will of God...and I mean NEVER! I will bring the Kingdom agenda into high definition...i.e. the REASON that you're saved and still here on earth. I will be debunking DOOMSDAY legends that the church has embraced as truth and has caused a tragic paralysis in the Body of Christ. Lastly, you will catch the Kingdom attitude toward bad times and evil days. This teaching session will set you up for greater faith and a larger victorious packed perspective. And a bonus is that you leave church with a SENSE of MISSION and not a spiritual HANGOVER from a depressed and defeated worldview. It's going to be BIBLICAL and CONFRONTATIONAL, resulting in a bold confidence that you have never had about your place in time and purpose. ~Bishop C.T. Hanchey