Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Seriously. Try all the E-zekiel Ministry website creation tools free for 30 days. No credit cards or contracts. If you like what you see, easily upgrade and keep your work.

I use E-zekiel to help UM churches develop a Web presence.

“It’s my job to help a local church develop a Web presence,” says Cheryl Hemmerle, who heads up the communications training division for United Methodist churches.  When she comes across a church that has no Web site at all, her first step is to address the reluctance of some who may be concerned that the Internet is not a good place to be. Her second step is to help them figure out the best way to use the power of the Internet for their ministry. She does so with the help of E-zekiel.
Hemmerle says she’s looked at a lot of different template-based programs, but one of the things that impresses her most about E-zekiel is how it is focused on ministry and on helping churches succeed.  E-zekiel gives churches a really good foundation for developing a web ministry, she notes. And small churches with limited budgets can be self-sufficient very quickly. “If you can send and use email, you can use E-zekiel,” Hemmerle says.